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Carpe Diem West Presentation Template

A non-profit organization dedicated to climate change awareness and clean water initiatives, Carpe Diem West needed a PowerPoint Template that fit their brand look and style. Below is the final template including 12 different easy to work with slide layouts and theme colors.

SendGrid: Promoted Twitter Ads

SendGrid, an email platform for businesses, needed to increase brand awareness and differentiate themselves from the competition. To better reach their substantial Twitter audience, I created several graphics to be promoted via Twitter and lead users to their recent white paper landing page.



Xirrus: Where the Wires End Infographic

Xirrus, a Wi-Fi solution for large enterprises and public institutions, had done a survey of almost 300 individuals and to discern the outlook for wi-fi in 2015 and what trends the industry would see rise and fall. To share their findings, Xirrus commissioned an infographic that would illustrate the need for better wi-fi solutions in our daily life.